What has truly made America great.
Part 3: The Biblical basis for Making America Great

If ancient Israel obeyed God, God promised to raise them up above all the nations on earth. The Pilgrims entered that same covenant with God, and despite America’s imperfections, God raised America up above every nation on earth economically, politically, geopolitically, scientifically, and technologically because God’s people in America endeavored to fulfill that covenant.

Part 6: Benefits of National Repentance

On July 12, 1775, in a letter to Abigail explaining the Continental Congress’ decision to declare a Day of Public Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer, Adams wrote: “We have appointed a Continental fast. Millions will be upon their knees at once before their great Creator, imploring his forgiveness and blessing; his smiles on American Council and arms.”

Part 7: Building with Untempered Mortar

The proper “mortar” for any person or society is the Word of God. That word is eternal; it doesn’t change. Over the past few decades, our nation has drifted away from God’s Word. Popular culture urges us to do what feels good; all is relative; there is no heaven or hell.

Part 8: God Seeks Restoration Before Judgment

The theme running throughout the Bible is God’s plan to bring his wayward sons and daughters back to himself. Whether he’s dealing with nations, houses of worship, or individuals, God always seeks reconciliation and restoration before he resorts to judgment.

Part 10: Asking for Forgiveness

God is love and the greatest biblical commandments are to love God and our neighbors as ourselves. We must ask forgiveness for failing to demonstrate this love in countless ways, including empowering hatred in those we have judged in our own self-righteousness as being sinners when we ourselves are sinners saved through no merit of our own.

Conclusion: National Restoration Only Through National Repentance

Throughout history, all the great revivals began with this idea: Repent and turn back to God. Throughout the Bible, God makes it clear that failure to obey this command will result in judgment. On many occasions in the Old Testament, the same cycle repeated: blessing, disobedience, warning, judgment, and repentance.

All Parts: The Case for a National & Global Day of Repentance
The time has come for each of us; we have been called to seize the moment. We are at the threshold of the greatest move of God in our time. For that to happen, however, we must be men and women of action, men and women who are ready to respond by faith to what God has initiated.